Mother Goosed Project Update

July 20, 2009 at 10:16 pm (Uncategorized)

nursery-rhyme-pictures-4Nine of the Mother Goosed project participants gathered at ArtWorks on Sunday evening, July 19th, to plan toward publication of the Mother Goosed book.  Here’s what we learned:

  • Diane Levesque has graciously agreed to create the cover/back cover artwork.  Thank you, Diane!  The image will wrap around from front cover to back cover.
  • Joshua Frazer will provide layout/design of the book.  Thank you, Josh!
  • John Hambrock has obtained a quote from a Chicago printer, which will print/bind this book.  Thank you, John!
  • The book will be a perfect-bound edition @ $14.95
  • There will also be a limited boxed edition @ $100
  • Project deadline is Saturday, August 1st.   Get writing!  Start inking!  Please submit your finished work to ArtWorks, 5002 7th Avenue.
  • The book has a title, of course, but it needs a subtitle to describe its contents.   We’ve had two suggestions (so far).   They are:
  • “Mother Goosed: Re-envisioned for the Perverse Generation”
  • “Mother Goosed: Alternative Adaptations for the 21st Century”
  • Feel free to vote on one of these two suggestions or submit one of your own.  
  • This project will hopefully be the first of many projects as we work to establish a small press publishing organization.
  • Next meeting date: Sunday, August  2 @ 6:00 PM– ArtWorks, 5002 7th Avenue.    Here’s hoping you can attend.

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