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BuhlePaul Buhle, author of the soon-to-be-released Comics In Wisconsin, will visit Kenosha’s Southwest Library, 7979 38th Avenue, on Tuesday, December 1st at 7 PM.  Prior to his retirement, Buhle was senior lecturer at Brown University, and is a Distinguished Lecturer for the American Studies Association and the Organization of American History.  His previous comics include adaptations of the work of Howard Zinn and Studs Terkel, several biographies, and histories of the Beat Generation.   He now lives in Madison, WI.

Selected booksby Paul Buhle include:

  • C.L.R. James: The Artist as Revolutionary
  • Encyclopedia of the American Left (with Mari Jo Buhle and Dan Georgakas)
  • Wobblies! A Graphic History of the Industrial Workers of the World (with Nicole Schulman)
  • Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History (with Harvey Pekar and Gary Dumm)
  • History and the New Left: Madison, Wisconsin, 1950-70 (with John McMillan)
  • A People’s History of American Empire (with Howard Zinn, Mike Konopacki, and Dave Wagner)
  • Jews and American Comics
  • The Art of Harvey Kurtzman (with Denis Kitchen)

“In 1970, after art school in N.Y.C., I landed in Madison, thinking it would be like living on Pluto.  Instead, I discovered the ‘Athens of the Midwest’.  All hip radicals passing between California and New York stopped off to exchange cultural DNA.  From pre-WWI Hearst newspaper strips to contemporary ‘art comics’, Paul Buhle uncovers the development of Wisconsin as a center of creative and radical cartooning.” — Sharon Rudahl, author-artist of A Dangerous Woman, The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman.

“Comics in Wisconsin recovers the history of an important center of comic art experimentation and offers readers a four-color glimpse at the richness of a neglected political and artistic counterculture.” — Harvey Pekar

“Paul Buhle’s brew of culture, politics, history, and comics is rich and tasty.  There’s a lot of lovely work inside this book.” — James Sturm, director of the Center for Cartoon Studies and author-artist of The Golem’s Mighty Swing.

Above illustration by Steve Chappell


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