About adapting.

mother-goose-clip-art-6-tnArtists are free to spin these nursery rhymes into new places, using as much or as little of the text as they choose.

A character or setting in a rhyme can serve as a starting point to the adventure.

~They may combine characters or settings from multiple nursery rhymes.

~They may take the rhymes’ characters on new adventures or give out hidden information about them i.e., the untold secrets of little Jack Horner.

~The comics can answer questions from the Mother Goose tales. Example: Why did Jack and Jill need a pail of water?  Why did they both need to go up a hill?  Do they intend to draw water from a well, a pond, or a neighbors spigot?  Does the phrase “to fetch a pail of water” mean something different in Jack and Jill’s world from our own interpretation?  Are Jack and Jill children or adults?  What is the relationship between them?  Are they married to other people?  What is Jack’s”crown”?  What caused Jack to fall first?  Was he pushed?  Were they fighting?  What happened the day before the story in the rhyme?  What happened the day after?

The Comic my use the text without changing it and allow the images to twist or enhance the story and its characters.

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