Sketchcrawl Kenosha Steps Off on Saturday

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Strap on your boots, sharpen your pencils (as well as your perceptions) as Sketchcrawl Kenosha steps off on Saturday, May 15th to draw, write, paint, and celebrate our beautiful town. 

Meet at 10:00 AM at Carolyn’s Coffee Connection, 1351 52nd Street, Kenosha.   From there we’ll head out to our Sketchcrawl destinations:

  • Ed’s Tires (near 60th St. and Sheridan Rd), home to many birds (and tires).
  • Library Park (60th St. and 8th Ave.), home to Simmons Library and many historic homes.
  • Kenosha’s downtown.  Lunch, anyone?
  • Rhode Center for the Arts, (near 56th Street and 6th Ave.) home, for the final weekend, to the HarborMarket of Kenosha.  (HarborMarket moves to 2nd Av. and 56th St. on May 22.)
  • Simmons Island (50th St. and lakefront), home to the Simmons Island Marina, the Coast Guard Station, and our destination: the Southport Light Station Museum, which is hosting a grand opening celebration on May 15.

Sketchcrawl Kenosha is a part of International Sketchcrawl Day.   From Berlin to Barcelona on onward to Kenosha, artists, writers, photographers, and folks who just want to welcome warmer weather and clear skies take to the streets, parks, historic districts, and places of curiosity for fun, fellowship, and art.  

Visit Sketchcrawl Kenosha on Facebook.  Watch for Sketchcrawl Kenosha images on its Flickr Group.   Head over to the Kenosha Racine Arts Network ( and the Sketchcrawl Page there.

Stop in at for information on Intl. Sketchcrawl Day and activities occurring around the world. 

See you soon, I hope!


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Southport Press/Sketchcrawl Meetings, Monday

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Head over to Carolyn’s Coffee Connection, 1351 52nd Street, Kenosha, on Monday, April 26 for a couple gatherings to excite your upper lumbar and tickle your fancy, too. 

First up is Sketchcrawl Kenosha at 6:00 PM.  Sketchcrawl is a worldwide event, taking place from Berlin to Barcelona to Kenosha, in which artists and writers take to the streets to capture the environment that surrounds them into words and pictures.  Sound like fun?  Make plans to attend on Monday night to learn about the Spring Crawl, taking place on May 15.  For more on Sketchcrawl, visit  Also stop by

At 6:30 PM, sit down (or remain standing) for a gathering by Southport Press.  In late March, Southport Press gathered ideas from Racine and Kenosha citizens and is now ready to begin to transform those ideas into fun projects.    Southport Press is the small press publishing division of Kenosha Community Media, Inc.,

These activities are free and open to the public.   Please join us!

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Mythic Pizza

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Mother Goosed Auction Update

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The Mother Goosed art exhibit and auction is in full swing! Please join us in supporting Southport Press by placing a bid on your favorite piece of art. All the participating Mother Goosed artists have generously donated their artwork to benefit Southport Press.  The silent auction continues now through March 13th at ArtWorks gallery, 5002 7th ave. Kenosha WI.

Read more here.

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Thank You, Andrea’s

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Andrea’s, 2401 60th Street, Kenosha, WI  is the newest merchant to sell copies of Mother Goosed: Twisted Rhymes for Modern Times.   Andrea’s joins a half dozen other merchants in Kenosha and Racine that offer this publication for sale.  Merchants include: Harborside Common Grounds; Heim’s Downtown Toy Store; ArtWorks; The Nook Cafe; Carolyn’s Coffee Connection; and Northern Lights Gallery (Racine).   Thank you to these local businesses for supporting Southport Press and promoting the work of local artists and writers.  Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy and is therefore making it possible to publish new projects and to hold community activities.

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Mother Goosed, now with Monkeys

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At least two of the Mother Goosed contributors are big fans of monkeys.  No, not the MonkeesMonkeys.  Plural. 

You might win something if you can guess who they are.  The contributors, that is.  Not the monkeys.

In the meantime, there is a terrific short story by Kij Johnson that has nothing to do with Mother Goosed or Mother Goose, but has a lot to do with monkeys.   Click here to visit Kij Johnson’s Website and read her short story, 26 Monkeys, Also The Abyss.  It won a 2009 World Fantasy Award.

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Be Exposed!, February 19th in Kenosha

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So, you’ve read Mother Goosed and then read it again, but Spring is still not here.  You have cabin fever really bad and need some release.  Head over to Carolyn’s Coffee Connection, 1351 52nd Street, Kenosha, WI, on Friday, February 19th at 7:00 p.m. for a free event, Be Exposed!, an evening of art, poetry, and music. 

Visual artist Rebecca Venn, poet Nick Demske, and musician Brent Mitchell will present and perform.  Be Exposed! is your opportunity to not only beat the winter blahs but also to share in and benefit from the nurturing spirit of the creative culture. 

Did I mention it’s free?  Did I tell you that Carolyn’s is a very cool place?  Be Exposed! is sponsored by, the Kenosha Writer’s Guild, and Carolyn’s Coffee Connection.

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No Boundaries

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The Kenosha Arts Network is now the Kenosha/Racine Arts Network, recognizing that creativity knows no boundaries.  Visit the Kenosha/Racine Arts Network by clicking here and being directed to its Website.

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A Few Words From Mother Goose

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Are You Odd?

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OddCon, aka Odyssey Con arrives in Madison, WI, April 16-18, 2010.  Odyssey Con is a general interest Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. It features literary guests–Harry Turtledove, Tobias Buckell, and Monte Cook— panel discussions, demonstrations, film reviews, art show, musical acts, masquerade, dealers’ rooms, gaming, and media programming.   Catch it at the Radisson in Madison this Spring.

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