Tools for Creating Comics

Drawing comics by hand takes time, but it doesn’t need to damage your budget.   Here are some tools to get the job done.  You may not need all of these items. 

Help build this list by providing information on tools you like to use.


  • Bristol sheets (such as Strathmore, which has acid-free, 100% cotton, two-ply sheets in plate, semi-smooth, and vellum surfaces)


  • Erasable blue pencils (such as Prismacolor Col-Erase #20044)
  • Light box
  • Tracing paper


  • Ames Guide (for ruling perfect straight lines for your lettering)
  • Mechanical pencil
  • Archival ink pens


  • Archival ink pens (such as Micron pens)
  • Nib pens ( such as Speedball Hunt Sketching Set)
  • India Ink (not fountain pen ink)
  • Round watercolor brush #3 or #4 – to fill in black areas
  • Archival ink brush pen (such as Micron Pigma Brush)


  • T-square
  • Beveled ruler – for inking your lines
  • French curve set – for drawing curves
  • Flexible ruler – for drawing curves
  • Circles template (for drawing word balloons)


  • Opaque white ink, tube of gouache or watercolor for correction fluid.
  • Small, stiff watercolor brush – to apply correction fluid
  • White plastic eraser


  • Sharpies and Wite-Out Brand correction fluid

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