Wisconsin Comics

How many comics artists from Wisconsin can you name?

This October, the University of Wisconsin Press and Borderland Books will publish Paul Buhle’s book, Comics In Wisconsin, in which the author investigates the comic artists, editors, and publishers of our Dairy State who have contributed to the art form of comics.

Comics In Wisconsin features the work of Art Young, Frank O. King, Sidney Smith, Harvey Kurtzman, Bill Griffith, Sharon Rudahl, Gilbert Shelton, Howard Cruse, Alison Bechdel, Trina Robbins, Art Spiegelman, Mike Konopacki, James Sturm, and Lynda Barry.


From the University of Wisconsin Press Web site,“Paul Buhle was a senior lecturer at Brown University and in retirement is a returnee to Madison, where he earned a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin. His forty published volumes include a dozen comic art volumes, five biographies, and a book series on the victims of the Hollywood Blacklist.”


Buhle On Radical Children’s Literature  Read Paul Buhle’s article, “Mother Goose Marx and Other Kids Stuffhere.

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